The Company Mission

To identify and develop opportunities for sustainable and profitable business by offering differentiated products and services that meet market demands, with excellence in quality, safety and cost-competitive through technological innovation, and agility in a healthy relationship with our customers and suppliers.

For over 15 years in the market, Tecnoval Laminados is expanding its operations and building a solid history of success based on the following principles and values:

  • ► Commitment:

    Quickness and responsibility to take decisions and execute those activities required to satisfactorily attend clients’ and business’ priorities.

  • ► Team Spirit:

    The interaction of all employees is essential to achieve the proceedings, obtaining results and company's success.

  • ► Continuous Improvement:

    Constant search for improvement of people and processes, combining experiences to the market trends and news.

  • ► Responsibility Regarding Safety:

    A rigorous attendance to norms and procedures of safety and occupational health.

  • ► Environmental and Social Responsibility:

    Active contribution to build a better future, adopting practical measures to preserve nature and to prepare citizens.
    Click here to access the Group’s environmental and social projects.

  • ► Conduct and Ethics:

    Transparent and respectful relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. Click to check the complete Tecnoval Laminados Ethics Code.